Eye Surgery can often times be intimidating. Especially so if you are unfamiliar with the procedures or nature of the surgery. LASIK is an eponym for the term “Laser-Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis”. LASIK improves the eye’s ability to focus by changing the contour of the cornea. LASIK is a surgical process approved by the FDA as a means of improving vision in an individual. We are an award-winning Bausch and Lomb Center of Excellence in West Springfield with years of experience performing these LASIK procedures. With that level of excellence as a standard, we are the eye surgeons you can count on.


Standard LASIK surgery is a two-step process; however, you do need to qualify. Before any eye surgery may be approved, our highly qualified staff performs an eye exam to determine what procedure would be best.

  • The surgeon gains clear access to your cornea by creating an ultra-thin flap of tissue.
  • Second, the tissue is then folded back and the surgeon is able to perform laser vision correction treatment on the inner layer of the cornea.

In many “discount” LASIK practices this flap was created with a hand-held mechanical device which uses a metal blade. The blade makes a pass across your eye and actually creates a cut in the cornea. By using a blade, the surgeon is NOT able to allow for total customization of the flap. Customization is vital to the predictability and reliability of your vision correction procedure, and often times, the same blade is used on both eyes.

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